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Don’t be afraid to dream

Do you have a big dream in your mind and in your heart but you feel like no one  understand you? That’s okey.

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How we saved over 30k in less than a year

Good news: We made it! We saved more than we firstly planned and in a shorter period of time. Bad new is: we are not ready yet to buy the house.

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10 easy steps to change your Financial Situation

Are you Wondering how to change your financial situation? Are you wondering how to stop worrying about money, earning more, saving more and be this happy person with constant smile on the face? I know how to help you!
Read my 10 top steps how to change your Financial Situation for better!

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25 Advice to my Younger Self

” Never delegate minding your financial well being to anyone else: not your husband , not your father, not your financial planner.  You always need to know where your money is and how it’s working for your future. Whatever you ever need to or not, ultimately you always need to be prepared to take care of yourself”.- Jacqueline M

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