Frugal Week 13 Update

Good Morning from cold and windy Ireland

Another Sunday, another day at work, another blog post to confess the truth about how much did I spend the last week.

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Top things to do in Dominican Republic

Dream holidays in Dominican Republic contrary to appearances, they are not so unattainable. Stunning paradise beaches, beautiful weather, friendly people and lots of attractions. There is so much to do in Dominican Republic! How to manage to see all of these tractions if you are there just for a short period of time? I prepared the list, in my opinion the top things you should do when you are on holidays in Dominican Republic.

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10 Amazing things to do in Zanzibar

White, powdery sand, turquoise ocean, wildly growing palms… If you ever wondered how the paradise looks like, in Zanzibar you will resolve all your doubts. The island is a dream destination, for lazy, beach holiday, walks at sunset, full relax and peace.
To make sure you are not missing the best experience given by the Archipelago read my top 10 things to do in Zanzibar.

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