Frugal Week 14 Update

Good Morning

Quick update before going to work.

This week I spent the fortune. I have little excuse, it was my birthday week.

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10 reasons why you are broke

One of my friend, Meggie 45 years old, educated woman, working for a big pharmaceutic company and making over 4000€ in the end of the month is short with cash for necessary articles for home. My other friend, Monica with two kinds age 6 and 8 is living pay check to pay check and asking friends,  family to borrow some money to make her going till the end of the month. She is over 35.

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How to increase quality of life

There are some days in life when we feel lost and do not know where to go next.

Days pass quickly and each of them seems to be the same: we get up, go to work, go home and go sleep. We don’t feel sparkles anymore and nothing is happening. “What’s next”? – you are asking. “Do I really want to live like this ? Can I change it ? And how ? ”

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