The best places to visit the world

I have visited many countries in the world in my life. I have seen many beautiful places. I fell in love in many destinations. I am travelling since 10 years now, mostly on my own and mostly on a low budget. I was able to experience  the beauty of the world and now I would like to share with you MY OWN TOP 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD.

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Nungwi Paradise

Incredibly turquoise colour of Indian Ocean and white sand of coral beaches- this is the flagship of Zanzibar. If you are looking for paradise beach holiday- you should consider to visit Nungwi- the magical and the most beautiful place located on the northern end of Zanzibar. You have to see this !

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Ultimate Guide to Zanzibar

From many years I have been searching for a destination with perfect white, powdery sand, turquoise ocean, delicious food and tradition. Just a quiet place far away from big cities where I can relax from daily busy life. I have seen many beautiful destinations (Cuba, Sri Lanka, Jamaica), but Zanzibar is like no other. Without any doubts this place is a real paradise.

Read my guide, how to organise holiday in such a stunning destination.

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10 Amazing things to do in Zanzibar

White, powdery sand, turquoise ocean, wildly growing palms… If you ever wondered how the paradise looks like, in Zanzibar you will resolve all your doubts. The island is a dream destination, for lazy, beach holiday, walks at sunset, full relax and peace.
To make sure you are not missing the best experience given by the Archipelago read my top 10 things to do in Zanzibar.

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