Live the life


Stop wasting your time

Spending hours on Social Media, following celebrities lives, emails coming one after another, watching TV cartoons and news full of negativity, drinking in pubs, spending time with fake friends, worries about the future…Have you ever wondered how much time do you spend on unnecessary things? Things that leading you nowhere; things that are taking you away from the life you have always dreamed of.

Dreams come true- I am getting married!

Hallo my beautiful Friends,
I am a big believer that I create my own life. The reality I live in is the reflection of my thoughts and dreams. That is why I am always trying to be positive, no matter of the situations I found myself in. When the things go wrong, or not the way I expected them to be, I take a deep breath in, slow down, and try to find the best way out. There is always the way, and life can be beautiful if we only want it to be.

Heaven on earth, Saona


I am sending lots of kisses from beautiful beach in Dominican Republic. The weather is amazing, drinks delicious and the ocean view absolutely stunning!

Saona is a real paradise. It is 30 min drive by launch from the land. I booked my tour through the hotel I am staying in. It costs 50$ but the tour lasts all day and the lunch is included. I know some people who paid higher price, even 120$ which is a bit too much.

As I was in Coco Bongo the night before and finished my night around 4 am, the tour guide knocked my hotel room at 7 am calling I am late for the tour. Oh, I didn’t want to miss it, for sure not. The opportunity to see paradise while I am still alive is worth to skip the sleep!

Saona is a must when you are in Dominican Republic. Such a stunning place. It is hard to describe, you have to be there…see it…feel it…experience!

The idea of going by launch to Saona was not that bad, as we got there first, before all the crowd arrived. Unfortunately some people cried during the drive. It was too fast and dangerous at some points. There was one pregnant woman who complained a lot. Be aware of that, when you are going to Saona. Check if you will arrive there by launch or catamaran. On the way back we drove by catamaran and it was great, completely safe and different experience. Sun, music, dance, relax- just perfect!

The stay in island was around 3 hours. We had time to take all stunning pictures, enjoying the beautiful paradise, have lunch and even dance!

There is also opportunity to hire your private photographer on the island so you can bring amazing memories back home.