No spending money challenge. A new Mindset

Well, when it comes to the money and budgeting I am not the best person. To be honest I am terrible- I love spending money on unnecessary things. I love buying clothes which I never wear, I love to book new trips ( and often do not go because of different life circumstances) and I love buying food! Actually the junky food cost me a fortune if I think ( maybe that is why I put on weight 5 kg) .

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10 Ways to Become Rich and Live the life you want !

Is your dream to become rich and financially independent? Do you want to travel to faraway parts of the world, enjoy the life, own luxury cars, beautiful house in Italy and never again to be worried about your future? You can become Rich soon!

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What is your number for Financial Freedom?

Sit down in a quiet room. Relax. Take a deep breathe in. Now breathe out. Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine that you have financial and time freedom. You do not need to worry about anything. How does your life look like? Who are you? Where do you live? Who is with you? Are you travelling around the world exploring new places, or maybe you are enjoying the time with your family in your beautiful beach house? Remember you are financially free. You can do whatever you want.

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