About me

Hello and Welcome Everyone,

I am Eliza, the big believer that you are the creator of your own life and you are the only person who is in charge of your own destiny. You can decide your path. Decision is in your hands. That is how I live my life. The things happening in my life are reflections of my thoughts. Ale the crazy ideas coming to mind every day, and if I like them, I do my best to implement them into my life.



My website is all about travels and the places I have been to or I am heading My travelling adventures begun 7 years ago, when I went to Paris on my own with 100€ note, which I was saving for long weeks ( I was a poor student that day). Then ,with another small notes in my pocket I travelled to Spain, Italy, Morocco (3 times). I went to Brazil to see Christ the Redeemer, I danced salsa in the middle of the main square in Vinales (Cuba), I had my chocolate cake in Jamaica , I almost died from monkey attack in Bali. I had so many adventures and still more to come!

I would like to share all of those stories here and give you ( my lovely reader) ideas where to go on a small budget , share the courage to see the world, if you are single or you don’t have anybody to travel with, that yes! you can do it. It is possible! World is beautiful and waiting to be explored! There are so many people up there just waiting to get to know you. You don’t need thousands of euros. All you need is some advices how to get started, how to find the best fare ticket and just go!

Stay with me,


Destinations I am going to:

Lisbon, Luxembourg, Milan, Muscat ( Oman), Zanzibar (Tanzania), Munich, Dominican Republic