How we saved over 30k in less than a year

Good news: We made it! We saved more than we firstly planned and in a shorter period of time. Bad new is: we are not ready yet to buy the house.

We decided to keep saving till we will be able to buy a decent house in the City so we do not need to commute over 1 h every day to work place. It does not have to be amazing house, just in a good area of Dublin and with minimum 2 bedrooms.

The truth is if we were going to shop now for the dream home , at this moment we could find something, there are houses on the market in our price range and the area we want! I am excited as when we begin or journey of saving we were looking at Portlaoise town situated 97km from Dublin. Can you imagine to commute such a long distance twice a day?

It was not easy Guys. Especially for me at the beginning as I was not used to saving the way my husband does. He teaches me how to sacrifice to be able get better things in the future. We had also couple of disagreements, especially on holidays subject. He always says: first HOUSE, then the holiday, otherwise the time we rent this ugly, mouldy place will be extended.  I can not just go for the beach holiday knowing that we could put these money on a down payment. Well… He is my Mr. Right and I am not always Mrs. Right.

If you would like to read more how we save money click  here: 50 ways to save money

I also do weekly updates on my shopping and since I did not write for the last couple of weeks I promise I am back with more details.


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