10 easy steps to change your Financial Situation

Are you Wondering how to change your financial situation? Are you wondering how to stop worrying about money, earning more, saving more and be this happy person with constant smile on the face? I know how to help you!
Read my 10 top steps how to change your Financial Situation for better!

Have a look on your spending and monthly budget

Take a deep look how do you manage your money so far. I bet not so well, that is why you are here, don’t you? Do you need a bit of extra help? I am here.

Step 1:

Do you know exactly where your money goes? What is your biggest weakness? Is it a 5€ coffee each morning on the way to work? Too much dinning out? Or maybe you love to buy more than you should actually do?

Time to face the reality. Where can you cut off? Can you give up on something? You will need to sacrifice a bit in order to improve your financial situation.



Open the saving account

Saving account is a great idea if you want to control your spending, and grow your money! No, you do not need to save tones of money. Start small. Every euro counts. Even if you start with 10€ a month. Trust me, it is going to make a difference in the end of the year. Have money for rainy days. You will have lots of fun seeing your saving account growing.


Spend your money smart

Respect and value your money. There is no need to give up on all spending, and you can still enjoy your holidays or small purchases. You do not need to give up on everything. Find the balance. Start making smart choices on what you really need to buy. Are you sure you need 5th black dress? Definitely not!



Use the buses, cycle instead of driving the car

OK you have the car and cost you already a fortune. Why not just to cut a bit more? Why not, instead driving to city canter to meet up with a Friend for a coffee, take a bus

Firstly, you will do some fitness and walk to the bus stop, secondly you save on the car parking and petrol.
You do not need use your car all the time. You will save this way a lot.


Buy second hand

I am not ashamed, I love second hand shops with clothes.

They are fashionable and can cost me 1% of the value I would pay in the shop, for new one, or similar.
I choose classic clothes, so I look always trendy!



Change the job, ask for raise, find other sources of income

Nope, you do not need to stay in the job you are underpaid. Why!? Check what is the situation in the market, in your field. Try to find something new, or ask for the raise. Always ask for more, you have nothing to loose.

There must be a way also for extra income. Do you have skills that you could exchange for money? Photography? Sewing? Painting?
Change your skills for money!


Have a look on your bills

Unfortunately we can not avoid them and there are so many of them!
Electricity, gas, insurance (life, home, health, car, pet!!!), credit card payments. The list is endless.

List all of them. Do the research, make phone calls to all your bill providers and negotiate! The worst you can do to NOT TO TRY. I often call to my internet, phone, gas company to ask for discounted rate, otherwise… I need to switch the company. They always go down with the rates! It works!



Plan your big spending in advance

If you know that with the end of the year there is a home insurance to be paid or your Kid next summer needs to go for school holiday why not to plan these spending in advance? Saving little by little each month, will ad up and make your life easier.


Extra jobs

If you are looking to change your financial situation while your spending are high and there is nothing you can do about, to cut or eliminate, why not to find extra job? Driving Uber after work or in the weekends, teaching English online, babysitting Kids?



Give yourself time

We Humans want everything quick. We want all. We want all NOW.

We want now to go for holiday, buy a Porsche and have a million in the bank account. Wake up! It does not work like that! You need to work, you need to save and definitely you will need time. That is the truth and we all struggle with this. Just remember my Dear, the hard work and waiting time will pay off. The reward taste is amazing. It is worth to wait and be patient.

If you follow you couple of my ideas your financial situation will improve drastically. Why not to give it a go?


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