House on the budget- 25 weeks to buy!

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams”

I just realized, that 25 weeks from now we will be looking for our dream house!! House! Not the apartment, but beautiful 3 bedrooms House in the capital of Ireland! That means NO MORE RENTING, no more giving away money for free to Landlords. Freedom!

It is worth to wait for BIG dreams to come true. It is worth to fight for BIG dreams to come true. Sacrifice. Struggle. Thinking, creating and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN- that’s my Life advises.

We are still going to keep the good work of no spending, watching where the money goes and living below our means. At the moment I spend between 20-40€/ week.

I am completely in love with Frugal lifestyle.

Slowly also implementing the Minimalism in our place and  getting rid of unnecessary crap.

Simple, frugal Life- that is all I need.



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