25 Advice to my Younger Self

” Never delegate minding your financial well being to anyone else: not your husband , not your father, not your financial planner.  You always need to know where your money is and how it’s working for your future. Whatever you ever need to or not, ultimately you always need to be prepared to take care of yourself”.- Jacqueline M

” Friends, family and relationships are more important than money. Don’t spend so much time working and if somebody asks you to go out and do something, do it!”-Michael W.


” Start saving for retirement” Carolyn P.

” The best way to make more money tomorrow is to make more money today. Always ask for a raise. Always negotiate for more. The longer you are underpaid, the longer people will expect to underpay you”- Heather Q.


“Budget and save! Max out your 401k contribution. Live on less that what you make consistently ( and by a large margin if possible). Invest !”- Jenni R.


“Save money but also enjoy life. If you are thinking of getting out of that dead end job and into something you might love more, do it now. Don’t wait. Write down your 10 best memories and then do more of whatever that stuff was”- Racha E.


” If you decide to buy a house, don’t buy the maximum house you can qualify for. Buy a house that suits your needs, but leaves you with $ to do the things that really matter in life, whatever that is to you”- Laura M.


” Just wait until you are 40. 40 is the magical age, when you finally quit giving shit about what others think. You start being your best you”- Sunshine T.


“Spend money on experiences, not things. Thrift stores are the bomb. You can’t afford to be a wine snob, cheap wines rock too. And stop eating out so much girl!”-Keri T.



” Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t dwell on it, don’t overthink, let it go”- Fatemeh H.

“Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and move on”- Jo S.

” Follow Dave Ramsey’s financial advice “.- Debbie S.


“Bigger isn’t better. Don’t accumulate any debt. Live on less than you make”.- Susan


” I am 42. Save as much as you can, but at least 40%. Adjust your lifestyle it that is to much for you right now. Be kind. It costs nothing to be kind. Everybody around you is fighting their own battle.” Sandy B


“Make sure you put you on the list. Take time for yourself”- Ld K.


” You are responsible for loving yourself.” Brooke B.


” Don’t let society dictate to you! It’s okey to be single. It is okey to follow your dreams! You don’t have to buy all the crap.”- Monica


” Save 10% all you earn. Put it away for emergencies. Get out of debts and stay out debts. Figure out what you love and do more of it. Try to determine who it will serve others. Make a difference at every opportunity”- Barbara

” stop worrying so much. It’s all going to work out. Enjoy the ride a little more”- Sandy P.


” Avoid people with personality disorder and learn to detect their presence from a mile a way”- Felix.


” Live within your means. Debt will ruin you”- Susan.


” You are not going to be young forever. Start planning the life of your dreams and live it ASAP! If you don’t know how to do it, find out and make the changes you have to make, even if you are scared”.- Zeela G.

” Journal. Write down one blessing per day”- McCool

“Just be yourself… crazy, silly, quiet, passionate… just be yourself. If people complain, that isn’t your business. Be who you really are!”- Cheryl S.


 ” Don’t panic if you haven’t had kids. Adopt! And enjoy your life every day. Some people don’t make it to their sixties”- Sandra l.



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