Frugal Week 15 Failed

Upss..Yes…I failed all the way.

It is time to give credit card back to my Husband, for better control. I overspend again and  I feel bad about this. I am looking for more things to buy, start dreaming and planning holidays and spend way too much on food (including junk food).

Yes, I did save around 300€ ( not bad) this week but this is not the results I wish for.

I want to be more Frugal. I love the idea about living with less, saving and developing. When it comes to Stuff, I know I do not need it anymore but somehow I want…  Sometimes , not always.

As I said in couple of post back I do not want to go back to the old ways of spending and wasting money. This is not gonna happen so yeah… Hubby have my Card!

I have nothing now! Ze-ro € till the next Friday!


  • The week was great, especially leaving party of my Husband and His friend. Lots of dancing and great fun. I have not spent a lot to be honest (5€ on a taxi shared) but the next day  I got 25€ meal for my Husband to recover faster ( cooked some delicious duck with potatoes, juice, fruits etc. ).



  • I am officially starting Human Resources Management in September. I will do Level 8 Honours Bachelor in 2 years! I literally can not wait for Autumn to begin. 


  • For the last 2 weeks I was creating my gym program ( looking for the best exercises for my body type) and I am finally ready to begin. I am going all over it. My form is bad. This is not even about my psychical strength but also mental strength to practice. I hope, giving back card to my Husband will prevent me from buying junky food and I will gain the results I always wanted. I will be going with my Gopro to the gym so get ready for the first video in 5 weeks. 


  • The next weeks are all about practicing discipline. I want to gain full control over my bad habits, my bad thoughts, my laziness, my eating habits, complaining, giving up. Not easy but I will give my best.


Now you tell me how was your week? Are you proud? Have you done much? What is your goal for the next week?





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