How to stop impulsive buying?

How to stop impulsive spending money? How to start making the budget and learn how to save? What to do when your shopping habits get out of your control and you spend more than you should?

There is nothing wrong with shopping. We all need money for food, for clothing, for housing, for education. We need to go for holiday and enjoy our lives sometime.

The problem starts when your shopping instead of being controlled and managed, is controlling you. The problem begins when you decide to buy the next black dress knowing that you have five similar in the wardrobe and you should not get this one. If, in the middle of the month your wallet is empty, you have no clue where your money went this month and you start searching your bags or jackets for some coins left, then you have a real problem. You need to start managing your money wiser.

It is time to know when to stop and when to say No. Is it even possible to take a full control of your spending habits and not waste money for stupidity? Of course it is possible! It is not going to be easy but with a bit of work, couple of small changes, patience you can stop impulse buying.

How to stop impulse buying

Take a decision

Firstly, you need to be sure that this is what you really want. Ask yourself: “Do I want to feel free from impulse buying?”, “Am I willing to change my spending habits to enjoy life more and build financial freedom?”, ” Do I want to make my life better?”

You can either slowly change your habits and have a bright future or waste money and worry about tomorrow. Your life, your choices.

Have a goal

Without goal, without knowing what you want to have or be, you are wasting your time. Your are drifting around. So take a good look at your monthly budget. Do you know exactly where are your money goes? If you don’t have a goal you will more likely spend . Set up one now. 1000€ for Christmas? 2000$ for holidays? Retirement? Whatever. Set the number, time and go for it.

Set a Budget

Every month you take Z€. How much do you need for rent/ mortgage, food? Groceries? Make a list of all necessary things you need to spend on over the month. How much is it left? Where could you save? Make the list of expenses and do not buy anything else.

Find hobby ( ideally free hobby)

We intend to spend more when we are bored. More likely we go to shopping malls kill the time and kill our budget. It is time to do something? Reading? Jogging? Walking? Even gym( it is always better to spend hours at the gym rather than hours in the shops) .

Pay with cash

Always use cash. Never pay with credit card, especially when you have no money on it!

There you go: this is your 100€ a week and no matter what, you have to stick to it. Freeze the card, hide, give to your spouse, whatever. Do not spend more than you should.

Avoid going to the shopping malls

Once a month decide what you have to buy, set your budget for grocery, for clothes, for bills. Once the shopping is done, forget about the malls. You got the skirt, that is it. No need to go there again. Do not do window shopping. Instead , I suggest you to go for a walk to the park. Way better, healthier and you do not spend.

These are only couple of ideas how to save and how to stop buying. This is not easy path. I know about this. I am lucky as my Husband supports me on the way. When I say word ” I need to buy” he is about to get a fever. Then I know it is time to think again if I really need to buy.

Of course you will spend money on something. You can have a skirt, if this is what you Really have to have. In life is all about balance.

Take smart decisions. Think about your future and financial goals. Do not waste money …and time.

I am curious what you think about this and what are your ways of avoiding impulse spending.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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