How much money do you need to be happy?

I don’t know the person who never complained about the money. Among all my Friends everyone in some stage was not happy with the life and income they receive. Some of them on a daily base are complaining. My Father used to say: “If I only win the lotto all my problems will be gone”. I am not sure, to be honest…

Is it true that money can affects our happiness? And how? Is there a magic number which will tell us: “Yes, now you earn X, so you are happy”.

Despite what I have learned all my life that money can not buy happiness, the PhD student Andrew T. Jebb from at Purdue University confirmed that there is a specific income which determines the level of our happiness. After interviewing 1.7 mln people in 164 countries researcher found that earning 95,000$ per year will guarantee the life satisfaction. In order to gain emotional well- being you should be earning between 60,000&-75,000$. 

Does money really affect your Happiness?

Personally these are just the numbers, to me. It does not say anything to be honest.


Happiness is the state of mind


Only you know what makes you happy and what is your number 

2009 – Me: young student with part time job is going for big adventure to Paris, make dreams come true. In the wallet, pocket for 7 days in total 50€ saved for many weeks. I was poor that time, no money and could not ask my Parents for loan. I was hungry to see the world. That is all I cared. Money did not have any value for me. The time in Paris was the best. Who cares I slept in a dirty hostel, sharing room with 8 more people. I was in the city of love.

2010-2014 More travelling on a budget. Meeting a lot of people around the world. Seeing the best places in the world: Brazil, Jamaica, Cuba, Dubai. Sleeping in the people’s houses for free. Walking around the towns and exploring instead of sipping coffees in Starbucks. Life could not be better.

I was happy with what I have. 

Was I comfortable? That time I was. Then I increased my income and I expected more from my trips. Better places, nicer hotels, dinner in restaurants instead of basic food from supermarkets.

Money can not buy happiness. Money can help you to make your dreams come true. Money can help you to book the flight tickets, buy the house for your Kids, clothes and make your life easier in general.

You need to know what is your “magic number”, know what type of life you would like to lead, how much do you need per month/ year.

I am not a person who cares about the labels. I do not need Gucci bags. My phone is super old and I am not going to change anytime soon. But yes indeed I want to go for holiday at least once a year, have a decent house for living, making sure my Family is secured and I am secured for the future, for the rainy days.

No, I am not going to depend my life and happiness on what my Bank Statement says but I will feel better knowing that I can afford going to the doctor if something happens to me.

Do not determinate your happiness on any of the numbers. Know what makes you happy and instead of running after money, starve for personal development. Appreciate what you have already.

Make your life a masterpiece.






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