Quit being a Quitter

This year will be special. This year will be different. This year will be better than the previous ones. I will not give up. I WILL NOT QUIT. 

With the begining of the new year we promise to make the things better this time. We do start diet, we give up on smoking/ drinking or other bad habbits. We promise to ourselves go to bed early to do the things better. Couple of weeks of doing great… we back to the old ways. Why? What happend? Why do we quit so often? Why we give up so fast!?

I am a Quietter. I quit many things in my life. When the things go hard or uncomfortable – I quit. I change. I usually say: “This is not for me”. I always have excuse to stop moving forward. And then there is this taste of: sour and not tasty at all…painful.

Do we really want to go through our lives regreting the things we gave up on? Felling like a Quitter…Looser. 

Do we want to DREAM THE LIFE or instead just go and MAKE THE THINGS HAPPENED?

What is your Dream? What is your plan for life?


How can you make it happen?





3 thoughts on “Quit being a Quitter

  1. We should focus on doing things step by step and not focusing on the goals on the finishing line. It is one of the principal reasons we quit. Thankfully there are many people like you that have decided to give some time of their lifes to help other people. It is up to us to find people like you and change. By knowing that changing some habits will take some time, step by step.


    1. I agree. We also do compare our journey to the others who spend loads of hours to be where are they. The road to success is not easy, it is difficult and challenging path. We should as you say small steps in the right directions. Big dreams are achieved by small things doing on a daily base.

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      1. Indeed comparing ourselves to the others in not good. Because we are all different. And social media push us to compare us to the others whic is a big mistake. Some people are better some less and we are where we are. But we should stop comparing ourselves to the others. It is a big brake to the succes. A master violonist has practised for over 10 thousand hours to become a master. If we practise 2 hours per week just to play some pieces for pleasure, when we start mastering the basics it is not good to compare our selves to a master, no matter what is the domain. We are good in something according to the hours we pent practicing on it. Thanks for this article.


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