Frugal Week 14 Update

Good Morning

Quick update before going to work.

This week I spent the fortune. I have little excuse, it was my birthday week.

Hubby got me amazing gift, Segway es2 electric scooter. We ordered from Segway shop, will arrive shortly to home. It will be great to have one and commute to work a lot quicker. I also received three months membership at the gym near the house with swimming pool and sauna. I never signed there as it was quite expensive but Franci suggested me to sign somewhere near by the house.

Today I am still recovering after my birthday night out. We had a really good time with my Friends. To be honest I did not go out for a long time. And I am right of not partying a lot. Drinks are super expensive in Ireland. 7/8€ for a pint? Way too much. As I can see on the bank statement I spent approximately 70/80€ including drinks, taxi home and junky food. Once a while it s fine but I rather spend those money on ticket flight….

Need now to focus again on saving and especially exactly knowing where my money goes. Recently I lost track. Birthday finished, valentines gone. Time to back to reality.

Since I am back to college from September I will need to save money for me fee as well. So many things ahead.

Money talks my Friends. To make things in life we need them. We need to save. College fee, house, and furniture. So many of them.

I will be better next week.

What I ate this week


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