Life is not a fairy tale

As a small girl I used to believe in fairy tales. Parents used to tell me that I am their little Princess and the world is mine. I can have anything I want. I believed what they said.

I still believe. And I want you to believe as well.

Life might not be a fairy tale. It is hard. It is difficult. It is challenging. Life will bit you up, slap on your face, you will cry many times and you will beg for a break. You will dream to escape somewhere where no one can find you. That is okey!

Just remember: It does not matter what is happening to you right now, who you are, where you live, what you own or not own. It does not matter where you are now! What is gonna happen tomorrow, that matters. What you gonna do about your situation- that matter. It matters if you are happy and fellfield.

Your life does not have to be a fairy tale, but it can be magical, beautiful most of the time. You can live the life you always imagined but, Honey: You need to work for it.

You need to go there and get WHAT IS YOURS.

Create these moments!

Build this house!

Get THAT job!





Pictures from my Valentine’s Trip to England

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