Frugal Week 13 Update

Good Morning from cold and windy Ireland

Another Sunday, another day at work, another blog post to confess the truth about how much did I spend the last week.

Well I was not an angel, that is for sure. I managed to save around 75% of my weekly salary, which is not bad. First thing I always do, once I receive the pay check- I transfer  the money to the saving account and there is no way to get them back. This saves my life from tragedy!

With the rest of the money this week I was living like la vida loca, spending, spending, spending. I feel now somehow guilty! After more than 10 weeks of not buying I have this feeling that I should not spend money.

The food costed me a lot, around 50€ ( shared with my Hubby), then I got a lot of junkie food ( including 16€ KFC!), I got book to learn Italian and I ordered Valentine’s gift from Amazon for Francesco ( My Husband). I organize the day tomorrow for us ( we do trip)

It was not my best week, for sure.

Couple of NEWS:

  • We have more than 10% deposit saved for the house. Around July we will apply.


  • Tomorrow we are celebrating our Valentine’s Day! Stay tune: HOW WE DO THAT


  • I am about to receive a big big GIFT for my birthday and it is not frugal at all 🙂


  • THE BEST NEW IS: we have decided with my Husband we will give each other only one big gift per year from now on, so he wishes for his birthday in November A TICKET TO PARADISE. I am going to choose where, how and when( September, before my college commence ). I am not selfish! He will be delighted once he will discover where. Wait for the next post about my TOP 10 DESTINATION IN 2019 for my Husband’s gift.


  • Started my new website: Smart Woman Rich Woman where I am going to share with you all the knowledge I have about how to live a happy life, how to make the dreams come true and not to be afraid to go for what we want the most in life. The Website is created mainly for women because sometimes in life we are too scared to take the life the way we want. We wait for others to take the decision for us. But no: WE ARE IN CHARGE OF OUR LIFE. We Women!

( The website is still work in progress, give some time to make it work perfectly )


The next week 3 posts:

  • Valentine’s Day on a budget


  • 10 best destinations for HOLIDAY in 2019.


  • Frugal Week 14 Update (Budget: Food: 0% Birthday Alcohol Party: couple of drinks on Friday night)


Here is the picture I called FAMILY GOALS :



Have a lovely week



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