10 reasons why you are broke

One of my friend, Meggie 45 years old, educated woman, working for a big pharmaceutic company and making over 4000€ in the end of the month is short with cash for necessary articles for home. My other friend, Monica with two kinds age 6 and 8 is living pay check to pay check and asking friends,  family to borrow some money to make her going till the end of the month. She is over 35.

Can you relate to these women? If you suffer from lack of money in the end of the month, and your bank account remains less than 100€ the truth is: we have a problem. YOU ARE BROKE! But there is a good new too : is not too late to FIX IT, if you start NOW.



You don’t make enough money

The truth can be painful but if after paying all the bills and food / household expenses you have zero in your wallet then there are only two solutions: either you have to make more money or lower your living expenses. The choice is yours but I highly recommend you to try to change your job wise situation. Do not be afraid to ask your boss for rise or simply look for another job. No, it is not going to be easy. You might have to say goodbye to your co workers but in the end it will be worth it and you will end up with more money in your pocket.

You  have debts

There is a fashion these days: Life on a credit. I want something and I want it now- the philosophy of many of us. For me there is no option. If I have no money, I don’t buy. Simple as that but it also took me some time to understand this. I do not own credit cards, I do not buy a new car on a credit. I have no debts.

NO TO BORROWING MONEY FROM FINANCIAL INSTITUTAION. The only debt  I could only take into consideration is a mortgage.

If you have debts read my post : 7 Steps to Financial Freedom by Dave Ramsey 


You do not save money

Saving money is difficult. It costs a lot of hard work, discipline and patience. You need to sacrifice. Who likes to wait? For most of people is better to buy, have it now, rather to wait, save, enjoy the money later.

Trust me, the more you save, the better you feel. The more secure you are.

There you go: 50 Ways to save money in 2019


You live like there is no tomorrow

Guilty! I have been there. As  ex TRAVEL JUNKIE I used to spend tone of money on travelling. I have been everywhere: Cuba, Jamaica, Bali, UAE, Africa, Brazil! I enjoyed the life to maximum. The truth is I was not saving any penny that time! I lived like there is no tomorrow!

But there is tomorrow and it will come and will kick your butt.  It is gonna hurt!

You will be broke, no money, no proper food in the fridge, no money for education for your Kids. You will be no financially secure, worry if you are able to survive till the next pay check or the next day.

Do you really want to live this way?

Learn from my mistakes and start living LIKE THERE IS TOMORROW.


You have expensive lifestyle

Most of my Friends, I would say 98% of them spend all the money they earn, mostly on the lifestyle they ca afford. Why would you spend half of your monthly income on Gucci bag? Explain me why? To impress others? Others you do not even like!???

Change your lifestyle. You can do great things and still save money on the side. You really do not need to spend all you make!


You don’t have plan for the Future

Do you have a plan for the future? Do you know where you are going? Do you starve to make every year better?

I suggest you to think about all your deepest dreams and goals. Write them down, develop strategy and make things happen. You can really do this!

Find the purpose in Life. Everything will change.


You give up quickly

I bet you think saving up 10€ a month will not make any difference in your life. Trust me it will. Even small amount saving slowly will make big changes. Will teach you discipline. You will start making a better choices.

I still remember my cousin one time. She was in really big troubles in life, sick with Kids and she told me one day :” Eliza, If I only have 1000€ now, everything could be different, all my problems will be solved”. It broke my hearth.

Do not give up. Small step is better than NO STEP.


You depend on others

A lot of Moms do that. Depending on Husband’s income and staying at home years to enjoy time with Kids and taking care of the household. I do not criticise. I am just worry that one day you might stay with nothing.

Even if you are stay home Mom start thinking what could you do now to make some money on the side? Maybe you could do online course? Or even start part time job, or online job? Whatever. DO SOMETHING.


You depend on Government

If you wait for Government to help you , you will wait forever. Who cares that you paid taxes all your working life! They do not give a damn about you! Smart woman is taking responsibility for her own life and future, ON HER OWN.

Do not wait for anybody to come and save you.  You are the only person can do this.


You do not have motivation

Life is hard. It is not a fairy tale. In order to have one thing you need to sacrifice another. You can not have it all. If you only start now, If you only start making better choices in Life, you will have more, you will become more and everything will change. Trust me.
















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