Frugal Week 12 Update

Good Afternoon my Lovely Readers,

I am really, really sorry I was not here for a while. Life got busy, responsibilities at home and the new job completely preoccupied me. Did not even have time to write.

There are some changes regarding to my financial plan and spending. 

I took a decision of joining to the gym which costs me 32€ / month. As much as I want to train at home, with my Husband night job and his sleeping during the day time is almost not possible for me to exercise at home. I have to say I am so happy to be back again there and hopefully soon I will get back to shape.

On the top of the gym membership I got couple of things for my training, like bands and ankle straps, 3 lovely pair of pants for training, shirt, more socks. I bought also two coats, valentines accessories 🙂


I am officially back to college and from September I will study Human Resources Management, Level 8. Instead of 4 years I will do only 3rd and 4th year as I already hold management Degree. I am going to do 4 years Degree in only 2 years which is great! I feel proud of having possibility to taking part of the course.

I believe there is never too late to go for what we want in life, to grow, develop and make dreams come true.


Holiday in Poland

I am happy to announce my Parents bought me the tickets for my Father’s birthday in April so I am going! I am going home! So happy about this. One week break from work and cold Ireland sounds like blessing to me.


Despite the fact that I have spent a bit, my Husband and I managed to save thousands in January (literally thousands). At the beginning of February we transferred 2000€. Guys,keep in mind we do not make a lot of money. I transfer whatever I possibly can, for example I got almost 1000€ return from the Revenue so I put this into savings.

After more than 10 weeks of saving and living below my means I can proudly say I master the skill. I will never get back to the way of spending and not thinking about the future. That is what I want to teach you. Do not make the same mistake I was doing for the last 25 years.

Life is all about the balance. Live with needs, not wants. Sacrifice small things for the big to happen.


Have a lovely weekends my Friends.


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