Frugal Week 9 Update

Good evening Friends,

This is a very quick update before I go to bed. Time flies for real. I can’t believe it is already another Sunday. I did not even have time to take a single picture for my blog!

Life got busy and a bit stressful for us. 6 months to go and we still don’t know where to live and where to buy the house. Is it going to be in Dublin, Drogheda or maybe Navan ~ who knows? From upcoming weeks we will start exploring the suburbs and commuting towns of Dublin. We are almost there. Then we will take the decision what’s the best for us.

This week we have saved 1680€. Not bad at all! We had some spare money on the side to put into the saving account.

I have to confess I got shoes for work ( nice heels 52€). Paid with one4all Christmas voucher. I went out for sushi (10€) and did grocery shopping 35€.

See you for the next week update!


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