Frugal Living- How to start

Welcome to 2019, a year where all your dreams and plans will come true! I truly believe you can achieve anything you want. It is all in your hands. This year is YOURS, remember.

If one of your goals for 2019 is to save money and learn how to live with less, you are in the right place. I will show you that you can live fantastic life and don’t spend a fortune. You can be happy and free of worry that you don’t have money in your pocket to pay the next rent.


Everything starts with the decision

Set your mindset that this year will different. Will be special. You are going to change your life. From now on you are completely different person. You THINK before you SPEND.

“No my Darling, you do not need another pair of shoes, I know they are beautiful. Put it back on the shelf, right now!”

From now, your life is about quality. Ask yourself if you are really ready to make changes in your life? Are you ready to sacrifice? Are you ready to live within your means? It is not going to be easy and there are no shortcuts.


Don’t follow the crowd

People will laugh at you, like they do at me. I lost couple of friends already as I never have time to go out for drinks. Why should I go? Standing in a crowded smelly pub, drinking prosecco for 10€/ glass and wake up the next morning with empty bank account?

Do not follow them. Be yourself. Be Unique. Know where you are going. For me the goal is to have 40k€ by the end of June and all I do is saving money right now. I sacrifice. I make SMART DECISIONS. Remember, your friends will be still drinking , and socializing while you will enjoy your financial freedom and holidays in Mexico.


Learn how to live with less 

There are thousands of things you could do on a budget or for free. New iPhone will not make you happy, new shirt will not make you skinner. It is all in your head, my Love. Learn to live with Less.


Appreciate what you already have

We usually spend money because we do not know the true value of the things we already own. What about learning how to appreciate the life we have? Look around. Your family, friends, your dog/ cat. Your hobby. Your passion. Your Goals. Cherish every single day. Go for a walk, do yoga, read a book you always wanted to read, start a blog, learn a new language, learn how to make sushi. Get busy with the life you have.


 Frugal living- way to financial freedom 

Money will give you freedom. Will bring happiness to your Life and Relationship. Did you know that Financial Problems are one of the main reasons why people divorce these days. You do not want to be like them. You want to be happy. You want to feel secured. You want to save for rainy days ( it will rain!). Start saving NOW!


Think long- term

Frugal Lifestyle is a long process. Give yourself time. Implement small changes every day. Save all you can today. Set the Goal and develop the plan.


Spoil yourself from time to time

Why not to get a small reward from time to time? Going for a date or romantic weekend away?


Enjoy the time at home with your family

Spend time with your Family. Go together for a walk, cook meal, go for a small trip. Your Parents will not be here forever, appreciate the special, small moments. You do not know how much time you have left.


Develop basic habits of frugal people

If you want to learn and live frugally, follow people who are already there. There is so many blogs available for you online. You can throw yourself into your new adventure with us anytime. Make a research and see how you can be happy with spending less!


Don’t waste! 

Frugal People do not waste food! Plan your meals. Buy only good, fresh food. Quality over quantity.


If you are at the beginning on your journey,  remember than tis is not an easy path and you will more likely make mistakes on the way. That’s OK. We all do. Remember what is your Goal, create the Perfect Life Plan and start living that WAY! It is possible. We are masters of our Life. We are creators. Why not to live the life to the fullest?

Good Luck.










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