Frugal Week 8 Update

Hello my Friends

How is your weekend going?

I am at work now, it is my last day. I feel sad I am leaving, I love the place, love the people I am working with, unfortunately I have to change the job for the one pays me more. The worst thing you could do is to stay when you feel you deserve for more. New adventure ahead of me.

Girls from my work organized for me lovely plate with the wine. Makes my hearth cry especially that my Husband works here as well. I will miss!

This week I saved 462€.

The highest I saved so far in a week.

I also have decided to don’t buy much food upcoming week and firstly finish what I already have in the freezer. I don’t think my Husband is on board with me, with all salmon and tuna he does not like, so I will need to do on my own.

Had a lovely coffee with my friend (4€) couple days ago. Refused dinner out with girls.

Saving first.

How is your saving going?



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