50 ways to save money in 2019

Good Evening my Lovely Readers,

If one of your New Year’s Eve Resolution this year is to save money this post is definitely for you. These are my favourite 50 ways on HOW TO SAVE TONE OF MONEY IN UPCOMING SPECIAL 2019 YEAR. 

1. Set yourself a saving goal How much would you like to save? Set realistic saving goal and make this no matter what.

2. Open Saving Account.  Watch how your money grow.

3. Live within your needs. Every time you want to buy something ask yourself a question: “Do I really need this?”.

4. Keep a saving diary. Track your expenses. See exactly where your money goes.

5. Every € / $ /£ counts. Do not think that saving 10, 15€ does not make sense. Every penny counts! It will make a difference over the month / year.

6. Find Free Hobby : Running, Reading books, Personal Development, DIY

7. Live small. You don’t need a big house to make you feel happy.

8. Eat at home. Healthy, you know what you eat, it is cheaper.

9. Go to the shop with the list and stick to it. Don’t buy unnecessary things

10. Do the grocery once/ twice a week

11. Avoid convenience shops. The shop in the corner of your house might charge you even 100% more  on the product than the supermarket will, located 10 minutes further. Don’t be lazy!

12. Pay with cash. Have a full control of your savings.

13. Eat less meat

14. Choose seasonal food: vegies, fruits. Meat might be very expensive, especially steaks.

15. Shop in cheap supermarkets  : Lidl, Aldi rather than Marks & Spencer

16. No coffee to go. 3€ a coffee to go? No, thank you.

17. Going to the restaurant? Skip the starter, get tap water.

18. Bring your own lunch to work

19. Eat at work if the company provides a free meal.

20. Freeze your leftovers

21. Pay bills online

22. Fix the things by yourself. 

23. Quit smoking!

24. Use the library. It’s free! 

25. Look for holiday deals. Did you know that I travelled from Spain to Dominican Republic for 120€ return? Look for bargains!

26. Turn off the lights as you leave the room

27. Don’t buy new clothes. I love buying from Charity shops! I can get really nice clothes for 3€ / each !

28. Do weekly / monthly no spending challenge

29. Fall in love with Minimalism It will change your life and save money!

30. Enjoy simple things in life. Be happy with what you have and who you are.

31. Shop without Kids

32. Shop around for the deals on insurence, mortgage, car deals. 

33. Skip the gym membership. Exercise at home. Go for run. It’s FREE.

34. Free courses, colleges

35. Cancel subscriptions I keep only Netflix as we can enjoy evenings with good movie.

36. Cut your home phone bills

37. Don’t buy designer clothes

38. Sell your stuff

39. Make money out of your hobby

40. Cycle to work

41. Claim your benefits

42. Drink water

43. Eat less

44. Do the pantry cleaning 

45. Rent your free room 

46. Buy Christmas Gifts  in advance. 

47. Don’t try to keep up with Joneses They are broke.

48. Rent cheap / move back to Parents

49. Decide your limit on the grocery shopping 

50. Don’t shop if you are hungry / depressed


Let’s make this year special. Saving might be hard especially from the beginning, but with the time it is becoming easier and easier and you will have fun with that as well. Enjoy simple life and remember there are many alternatives you can do, instead of drinking prosecco in the pubs every week or buy expensive unnecessary stuff.  Think about the FUTURE.

Good luck!



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