This Year will be Special 2019 Plans

The last day of the year! Can not believe how the time flies!

2018 was a big surprise for me. I would never expect that I will get married in 2018!

It happened so fast. In January Francesco proposed, just like that, when we were having lunch together. I was just back from my lovely trip to Dominican Republic on my own. He asked, I said yes and now I am Mrs Palumbo!

I cried as well in 2018. Not everything was perfect. I hated every single day in my previous job as a Bar Supervisor. I was actually fired twice!! Felt like shit for a while but everything happens for a reason. I knew I can not continue working in the bar. Now I do what I love.

I also have realised that I need to stop giving and be more selfish.

I completely fell in love with minimalism and frugal lifestyle.  I saved tone of money.


My Lovely Readers, some people say making the New Year’s Resolutions  is a waste of time. I somehow agree. Any Resolutions, Plans, Goals will not work if you don’t put any effort. Do not expect to have the fitness model body if you stay on the coach and eat chocolate every evening. If you change nothing, nothing will change. Your life will be the same. Decide now that the NEW YEAR will BE SPECIAL. That is what I have decided and I am 100% positive.


I will work my butt off to make it happen.



  • DRIVING LICENCE– At least pass the theory test. I hate driving, I hate cars but unfortunately if we move outside of Dublin , and that is the plan, it is necessary to have the driving licence. March is the month.


  • I NO SPEAK ITALIANO- Ok, Maybe I said Yes to the Italian Man but not yet to Italian Language. I think it is time:) Time to learn a bit, at least how to say “make me some pasta AAMMOOOORE”


  • HOUSE. That’s the though one. I want beautiful, bright house, outside of Dirty Dublin with nice garden where my Kids will play and we will have morning coffee. At the moment the plan is to buy in Portlaoise. The houses there look like from dream! Who cares is one hour away from Dublin 🙂
Dream House in Portaloise, source:


  • FITNESS BODY Sugar? No, no! Crisps? No, no! Insanity Training?- YES. I need to loose 10kg


  • Save 10k € till the end of June for the mortgage deposit.


  • Write 3 posts a week


  • Be more spontaneous. What happened to Eliza? No more dancing on the table? It is time to change it.


  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & EDUCATION. The first steps I have taken already. Collecting documents for free Accounting Diploma. Never Stop Learning


  • Minimalism, frugalist lifestyle.


  • BABY! First number 3, then number 10! Who knows what is written for Palumbo’s Family?





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