Frugal Week 7 Update

Good Morning Readers,


This is the last Frugal week update this year! I have to say: I finished strong 2018.

My new way of life with saving and living within my needs makes me realise we really don’t need much to be happy. I starve for frugality, minimalism, life like it used to be before the internet and fashion for consumerism arrived. I starve for pure happiness. I know, It is possible. 

On Thursday as usual I transferred the money to the saving account. Pay yourself first. I will always repeat this, the 3 words has changed my life. I was left with 28€ which I spent for chocolate Lindor (6€), more chocolates , and crisps 🙂 Some junk food. Sunday: grocery shopping in Lidl. Left the shop with the bag full of food and spent only 14€. I have got : pack of eggs, two humus, dark chocolate, oranges, dog food, Cesar salad,  Low GI bread. Not bad.

That’s all for today as I am running late for work. Tomorrow I will write about my New Year’s Resolutions and Plans we have with my Husband.

Enjoy your Weekend my Friends



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