Frugal Week 6 Update.

It’s Sunday, just one day till Christmas !! Are you ready to celebrate this magical time?

I love Christmas, it is a beautiful period of the year but sometimes I feel sad since I am here in Ireland and all my Family is in Poland. Well, I have got a new Family now:)  So we are half Polish , half Italian 🙂 There will be 5 of us this year: My Husband, Mother in Law, myself and two lovely doggies.

I will keep this post very short as I have a lot of cleaning to be done in the house, cooking and still have to go to work from 2 pm.

I didn’t spend a lot this year for Christmas but still too much in my opinion since I promised to keep my life on a thigh budget.

From my weekly salary I did 40€ shopping including my beautiful diary for 2019, coffee out with my Friend and couple of things for the house.

I have got 186€ one4all voucher from work. The Christmas is on me this year so I had to buy couple of things. Unfortunately these vouchers they are not accepted in the shops like Lidl, Aldi, Tesco so I had to the grocery in M&S and I swear God: the prices there… are killing me. And I have seen many many people with baskets full of shopping. Where they get the money from and WHY they so overpaying?

I have got:

  • Champagne ( for the dinner tomorrow, we go to my Husband’s Mom)
  • 2 bottles of Prosecco
  • 500 g smoked salmon, Humus, Beef, vegies, some biscuits
  • 50 € voucher for my Husband as a Christmas gift. He didn’t want anything but I gave him anyway.
  • Tights, socks and discounted shorts for myself

On Monday ( tomorrow) I will get fresh fruits.

To be honest I still spend too much money. I am still wasting food. I buy way too much food, definitely.  I just through away this morning  1k of Greek Yogurt- I didn’t even open it.

So, The new Year is coming up and I need be more strict with no spending. With my new job from 2nd of January and better conditions of pay I will spend less and save more.

I am hoping to save 400€ / week for the next 6 months.  It will involve budgeting and meal planning. I will keep posting  pictures of day by day meals, so you can follow what can you buy / eat/ do, when you are on a budget.

Guys I really love my new lifestyle. Just because I am saving it does not mean I am unhappy, sad  and I can’t go out. I am enjoying my life and I feel happy and secured knowing that we are getting closer to buy the home and make a family. This is not just my 6 months journey, this is my new lifestyle. The only thing we will include again is one time exotic holiday per year ( hoping from 2020).

I recommend you to do the same. You don’t need to be so drastic like me, but just do the small step. Cut the coffee on the way to work or take lunch with. Just by changing this habits you will save a lot.

I wish All of You a very Happy Christmas. Enjoy your time with Family, with People you love. If  any of my Reader is going to be alone this Christmas for any reason just remember that the things are changing constantly in life. The Sun will shine for you soon and you will find peace and happiness again. 

Merry Christmas !


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