Frugal Week 5 Update

It is very hard to save money in December.

The shops are full of nice, shining things, just asking to be brought home. I stay strong. I do not give up. I do not spend. To be honest, I have no feeling of buying anymore. I do not have feeling to go out with friends for Christmas drinking. This is when you have bigger goal in front of your eyes. You do not care about SMALL things. You sacrifice.

I want the new home for us like nothing before. I do not care about the 6th dress hanging in the closet. The real happiness is not a thing. It is a warm home, people who you love and the beautiful moments you spend with them. That’s all I believe in.

This is what I spent this week: 

18€ food

30€ Birthday wine for my Mother in Law

20€ Electricity bill

20€ – 2 Spumante, one for Kris Kindle for work, one I had on Wednesday evening for myself 🙂

On Monday, I joined the Christmas Party at work. Drinks and food included, I spent only 3€ on a Tramp Ticket ( one way only. On the way back I cycled home).

Meeting with the Mortgage Advisor left us confused of getting the house in Limerick. We are concerned now if this is a really good idea, considering the life in such a small town ( or lack of life). The next months will show what is written for us. Maybe we will stay in Dublin, who knows?

Couple of things for the week before Christmas 
My Gifts from Work, could not be better 

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