Frugal Week 4 Update

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”

Following this simple rule changed my life forever! I have to tell you now: the results are amazing. I checked my saving account yesterday and only myself saved last month 1410€!!! One month: 1410€ ! My Husband saved another 1000€ ( he pays the bills) so in November we reached almost 2500€!!!!!

Can you imagine? I am working in the Hospitality, I earn less than the average.

This is amazing!!

If you live simple life, bellow your needs, you do not waste food, do not drink much out and do the smart grocery shopping YOU CAN SAVE TOOONE OF MONEY.

I said in the previous post I got a new job last week. They offer me better money, better contract, better conditions of pay. I will start in January. Yuhuuu

One guest in the Hotel gave me 55€ tip. The money covered my bottle of Baileys (10€, I finished in 2 days :)), I had also 2 drinks with my friend in the bar and I did basic small shopping.

Today I spent 35€ on my next week food.

I  have to mention that I have made a mistake by going to Dunnes Shop today . I bought only : hazelnut milk, eggs, dark chocolate and vegie steak and I paid 10€!!! My next stop was Lidl and I left the shop with the bag full of food.

I got: 3 pack of vegie mince, vegie sausages, 3xavocado 2xmango, low GI bread, red pepper, bananas, fresh basil, dark chocolate, spinach, 1kg carrot, 2 bags of lentils, 2 bags of chia and sunflower seeds, cocoa, vanilla extract, 2x hummus, broccoli.

Just because I do my shopping in Lidl does not mean I am getting low quality food!

I ALWAYS read the labels with the nutrition values, especially now when I am vegetarian. I want to make sure that I am getting good and healthy food. Lidl is my 1st choice and I am not ashamed of it.

The next week is coming up. Keep it up good work Guys! Take care!






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