How to save 15k in 6 months

Hello my Beloved Readers

The things are moving fast in my life. I would even say really fast. While I was having a good time with my Friend, my dear Husband was on the phone with the BANK, asking for the details about the mortgage. The main question is if could get help from the bank to buy the house in the town other than we live now. The answer is YES, it is possible. There is a higher fee of taking a mortgage but still the conditions are more suitable for us, rather than staying in Dublin.

We are 100 % decided we want to live in Limerick (  a small, lovely town in Ireland). There is no discussion on that.

Lets focus now on money, or rather lack of them. We do have savings and we are happy with that, but what we have now is NOT ENOUGH, considering the new way of  purchasing the dream house. We need now 30 % saved of the value of the future house, not 10/20% if we stay in Dublin.

We do need to save 15k approximately in 6 months. 


These are my ways:

  • 20 € a week food budget. No more. Still keeping my new vegetarian way of living.


  • Get rid of the Netflix and Photoshop Subscriptions=50€ a month saved


  • No Gym Memberships in any circumstances. Shaun T I am back! DVD and fitness at home is  the best way to keeping fit. 4 years ago I have lost 20 kilos just by exercising at home. Now I have 5 to loose and I was considering to be back to local gym but no way. SAVING !!!SAVING!! Fitness ONLY at home.


  • New job with better pay. DONE!! I’ll start the new on 1st of January 2019 !! I got a lovely job in a nice hotel with better conditions of pay.


  • Get more money from the online surveys. I am active member of the online surveys.  I have got a new beautiful lamp today ( for a new home!) and it costed me 2€. The rest I covered with a free voucher from the survey. It was worth it.


  • Invite friends home, instead of going out. Goodbye Irish coffee or drinking with friends. Today (06/12/2018)was my last time. I went out for drink, I spent money I have for food for Sunday! How nice! 🙂


  • Drink more water. It is free in Ireland !!!!


  • Avoid convenience shops ( Goodbye Centra 2 minutes away from my house door, lets move ass to go to Tesco! It is much cheaper in there.Save, Save Save)


  • Eating at work. My company provides meals at work, no need to buy too much food for the week for home


  • Look for free entertainment


  • Share dreams with the one I love or Friends.


  • Sell stuff. Oh Gosh I will finally put some afford to sell my wedding Gown! (Anyone interested? 🙂


  • No bus, no car to work. I got a job in a walking distance. Hallelujah


  • Enjoying the simple life. It has a lot too offer


  • No buying sweets


  • No buying. Nothing 🙂


  • No credit on the phone. If they love me, the will ring me back.


  • Get extra income- I am Qualified Fitness Instructor- maybe that will help?


  • Do not give up. Will be hard, will be challenging. But we have goals in front of us (House&Family. The rule:  no house, no children so better we rush ) 🙂


  • Fix, rather than buy new one


  • Enjoy the Life and be Happy. I am happy. Very! I have my Husband , my Jackie, now new baby Lucia joined us, my Mother in Law ( No, she is not like the one from jokes!!!) Too much to love. I appreciate what I have now.
More to Love!


These are only couple of my ideas how we are going to save 15k € in 6 months. Please share if you have more !




















2 thoughts on “How to save 15k in 6 months

  1. Terrific. Well done.
    The only negative I see (for others who know you) is that your not spending any money on phone calls ‘If they love me they will ring me back.’ is requiring others to spend money at their expense in order you can save, and that’s unfair behaviour on others and unequal. It places the obligation on others and there’s an element of emotional blackmail in your wording


  2. Hi Alba, Thank you for your email. In the time of being constantly online I do not see the point of buying 20€/ month for my mobile Phone. I do have phone at home with unlimited calls, also internationally so I can call to everyone outside the country I live in. I also do use Skype ( which is free). If I meet with Friends we usually organize time / date of meet up in advance. I think is all about smart organisation. Of course in a case of emergency I am able to top up my mobile. I will never agree to monthly plan of 40€ up. Cheers. Eliza


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