How to Do Less and Get More

Frank Clark once said

“Modern man is frantically trying to earn enough to buy things he is too busy to enjoy.”

What happened to our lives? Why suddenly we got so busy? Why we are in constant rush? Why are we trying to chase happiness in material things or at work doing 10 hours and more shifts?? Why we do not have time anymore to spend with family or doing what we truly love? What happened to us ?
Lets stop the fashion of “being busy”. Lets learn how to achieve more in life by simply doing less.
You think it is impossible? See these 5 tips to help you to Do Less and Get More!


Take a look of your typical day. What are your tasks to do?  How many of these things has to be done now, how many you can do tomorrow? What is really important to get you where you want to be?

If you work in Sales Department I can tell you straight away: having a coffee with your colleges is not getting you any closer to your goal. Checking Facebook isn’t your priority; you are just loosing your valuable time. If you are at work, make sure the tasks you do, they are only related to the work. Focus on what has to be done in a particular day and you will have time to for yourself.
Do only things you are good at.

Become an expert by doing less

You do not need to be an expert in everything. Forget about this. Find your passion, find what you make you happy. You will get more results and more success, if you will do only what you love. Do not listen what other say. Forget about all “should”. Learn only what you like to learn. Read the books you feel like to read. Study subjects you are interested of. Do the job you love. Your life will change drastically.

Remember the quote of Ernest Hemingway:

“When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead”

Live the life you want! Start now !

Let go of Perfection

Who said you need to be Perfect? Why do we care so much to have perfect life / work/ house? Common! Let go of the Perfection, you will never reach anyway. Try to be good, try to be the best you can be, but do not get paranoid. If you will not hoover today , nothing is going to happen. There is no need to put so much preasure on not so necessary tasks.

Learn how to say NO

This is the time to say no to everything that no longer serves you, bring you joy or happiness. Make yourself priority, you are the most important person. You have project to finish and friend is asking you to go out?- Say no! Listen to yourself. See what is more important for you. Do not be afraid of saying no!

I am on one year no spending money. I do not want and I do not feel like going out for drinks and spend all my money on couple of beers. I know what I want ( and this is a new home for my Family) and I can easily say no! Who cares what other thinks of me!? This is my life, my time and my results.

Focus only on what makes YOU happy!

Develop habits of success

Great habits lead to great success.

No, you do not need to wake up at 5 am if you are getting the best results by working in the middle of the night. Listen to yourself. You know yourself the most.

What is your goal? What are you currently working on? Fitness body? Getting promoted at work? Buying a new house? Getting out of the debt? What do you truly want?

What can you TODAY  that will bring you where you want to be? 30 minutes workout? Going an extra mile at work? Saving 100€ more this month than you usually do? See what will bring you closer to your goal.

We all have duties and things to do in life. The real art of living is to not forget that the life is too beautiful to be wasted. Focus on collecting the moments rather on spending hours at work to earn money to buy unnecessary stuff. Stuff will not make you happy, your kids still want to spend quality time with you rather to get a new toy. There are places waiting to be discovered and people to be met. Remember!

Work smart, not hard. Become an expert in one field, rather than 10.

Today you can become a journey of new life full of happiness and joy.

It is your choice.


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