Frugal Week 3 Update

Good Evening!

I am sorry for keeping you for so long with my weekly Update. I had some internet issues but the problem now is solved and I am ready to state that this week I am guilty of spending more than I should.

Total: 36,15€ on food but … yesterday my Husband got idea to buy a poppy for his Mother. We spent 400€ on a beautiful Chihuahua. My mother in law she did not expect that at all. She was delighted once she saw a little tiny poppy in our apt.



I spent 36.15 buying a lot of meat and today I officially have decided to begin my journey as a vegetarian. No meat and no fishes. I will keep eggs for a while and shrimps. Let’s see how it goes.

I made extra 20€ by doing surveys online, which is great as it is going to cover my Christmas Gift 🙂

With every week, we are getting  closer to our dream house, just couple of steps to get there. I can’t wait !! More likely we will move outside of Dublin. We do not want to be like some of our friends, who work in Dublin but live in diferent county so they have to communicate to get here every day at least 2 hours. I am dreaming about simple, slow life with walking distance to work and  10years of mortgage on the house max.

That is called a plan.











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