Frugal Week 2 Update

Good Afternoon my Friends,

How is your weekend going? I hope you HAVE A GREAT  DAY!

First of All, I would like to simply thank you for visiting my page and for all the support I am getting from you. The journey I have chosen it is no easy, but IT IS GOING TO BE WORTH IT! I know this. I sacrifice today for amazing, better and SAFE TOMORROW.

Another week passed by. My Beloved Hubby came back home, happy, relaxed and safe. It is so good to have Him here. This is where he belongs.

He surprised me with a lot of amazing things but I have to say: the best gift he gave me was on the day after he came back home. He went to the jewellery shop to character my name on his wedding ring. Just like that, he asked the shop assistant to get rid of the numbers of  the carats on the ring and put my name “Eliza” on it . This is the REAL GIFT for me, no flowers will  impress me like the act he just did. Well done, Francesco 🙂


My shopping bag 20€

I was doing shopping for two of us. We usually buy the food only for our days off ,as we have the rule to eat at work when we are there. My Hubby is off on Monday, Tuesday next week, myself on Friday and Saturday. He loves expensive Italian food, I can easily go with eggs and carrots. We do not have budget together, but we do share food a bit(unless he got something he really wants so he does not share, e.g. steak). I am trying to keep within what I got for myself.

Enter a caption

What I got for the next week: 18.98€ 

  • Couscous 0.75
  • Dog Food 2.79€
  • Energy Drink x 2= 0.78€
  • Vanilla Extract 0.99€
  • Cucumber- 0.59€
  • Sweetcorn- 0.31€
  • Tuna Can – 0.69€
  • Bacon Rashers – 0.99€
  • 10 Eggs 1.65€
  • Baby Spinach- 0.56€
  • 2 Avocado- 1.78€
  • 1 Big Sweet Potato- 0.69€
  • Bananas- 1.25€
  • Ginger Biscuits – 0.39€
  • Hummus- 0.79€
  • Sweetener- 1.99€
  • Pumpkin Bread- 1.99€
  • Milk ( I will buy in couple of days)

My Husband spent 28.36€ including 3 packs of meat, salmon, nice fruits etc. What I have to say is that if you do not watch where your money goes it is really easy to spend the fortune even just on food. With my budget I am really analysing every €. No it is not easy to do the shopping once a week and no, it is not easy to stay only on 20/30€ but this is how I save. That is my way. If you are Family with kids probably you have higher budget than me. The point is to do not waste money on unnecessary crap.

Since I am on One Year No Spending I can already see, that the quality of my life is improving. I am enjoying simple life, I read more books, I exercise more, I spend less time on the Social Media. And this is just Week 3!

I have promised to post pictures from my weekly food. I am sorry I was bad. I managed just couple of them. Next week I will show all.


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