The best places to visit the world

I have visited many countries in the world in my life. I have seen many beautiful places. I fell in love in many destinations. I am travelling since 10 years now, mostly on my own and mostly on a low budget. I was able to experience  the beauty of the world and now I would like to share with you MY OWN TOP 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD.


This is my number 1. Not because of the food.. the Cuban food is disgusting but Cuba is different, Cuba is magical. There is no place like Cuba. Salsa is everywhere, people dance on the streets, old cars, Cuban cigars. I left my heart in Cuba and one day I will come back there.



Without any doubt, this is the Heaven on Earth. I never seen such beautiful beaches in the world. I haven’t seen them in Bali, I haven’t seen them in Brazil, not even in Dominican Republic. This is the REAL Paradise, my Friends. White soft sand, turquoise ocean,  boat tours and amazing seafood. What else would you need?


Dominican Republic

Beautiful country and beautiful people- always ready to help, always smiling. Easy to travel, will suit not only families staying in the luxury hotels but also the backpackers or travellers on a tight budget. I highly recommend the tour to Saona. Something incredibly beautiful.



Magical and different, Arabic country. People are very nice, lots of history and places to be discovered. In my opinion : more ” Real” than Dubai. I really enjoyed the couple of days spent there with my Husband.  The best idea: rent a car and go EXPLORE!



I have been there 4 times. It is a special place for me. Close enough if you live in Europe, cheap and always sunny. One of  my top island to visit in Europe. I highly recommend to go there and experience the Carnival! Spanish People know how to have fun !



As much as I do not like big cities Lisbon surprised me in a positive way. The monuments, the music, the sun, the food! I will be back, for sure!




The country I live in. The country of Guiness, the country of Cliffs of Moher. It is on my top 7 list. I love it, even if I complain sometimes of the weather. I would not change my new home now and I love discovering the new places in Ireland. You have to be here.


Now is your turn to tell me what are your best places you have been travel to or would you like to go?


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