Big Life on a Budget

While I am writing this blog post my Husband is somewhere in Cambodia relaxing in the a swimming pool with his Mom ( my Mother in Law). They are having I guess a great time while I am in Ireland looking for ideas on how to live a great life on a budget. Why is that?

First of all since 10 years of my life, year by year I was travelling to many many places in the world. Not many people understand my hunger for travelling, for being on the way, with backpack, sleeping don’t know where, and do not know what the next day is going to bring.  Love for unknown. This is my second nature.

This year I have been to Dominican Republic and couple of times in my home country. We also got married as well and that is why we have decided that my Husband is going to Cambodia without me, as I already did my holiday in January. There is only one trip per year allowed ( as we are saving), so I could not really join the trip. I am happy for Him; He really does deserve the holiday and Cambodia is not really on the top of my Bucket List.

So I am waiting here patiently, enjoying my time on my own, exercising, working ( 🙂 ) and creating THE MOST ADVENTRUES LIST OF THINGS TO DO ON A BUDGET. There are my TOP 50.



  1. Visit all amazing places in Ireland
  2. Go camping ( Ireland)
  3. Be a tourist in my own country ( not 100% mine, but where I live at the moment )
  4. Bicycle trips
  5. Take short trips instead of long vacations
  6. Horse riding with my Husband
  7. Go on a picnic
  8. Go Hiking
  9. Free entertainments, courses, museums
  10. Long walks
  11. Travel (Ireland) frugally
  12. Sleep under the stairs
  13. Watch sunset / sunrise in beautiful places
  14. Do 12 pubs in Christmas and stay alive
  15. Go for a football / rugby match
  16. Do one thing I am scared of
  17. Run my own FREE half marathon
  18. Run my own FREE marathon
  19. Complete Connemara Ultra Marathon
  20. Get a driving licence
  21. Learn how to cook Italian food
  22. Learn new language
  23. Learn a new skill
  24. Complete Insanity fitness program
  25. Complete my own 100 days Fitness Program
  26. Get bikini body and Abs
  27. Get the max 65 cm waist
  28. Get my ideal body weight (55kg)
  29. Try meditation for a month
  30. Do birthday photosession
  31. Write a blog
  32. Start YouTube channel
  33. Watch how my saving account is growing while I am having fun 🙂
  34. Write a letter my future self
  35. Movie nights at home
  36. Romantic dinner nights with candles
  37. Read more books
  38. Watch good movies / documentaries
  39. Declutter house
  40. Practice minimalism
  41. Use the library
  42. Attend a big concert
  43. Care more about people I love
  44. Everyday photo challenge
  45. Do something people say I can’t
  46. Ask for pay Rise
  47. Get promotion
  48. Start a side photography business and make money on it.
  49. Buy the house
  50. Become a Mom !!!


Have a good time with Friends
Enjoying time with my Love



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