Simple life that I love

Hello my Dear Readers,

I have not been here for a while. My fault.

I have started a new job as a Receptionist and also doing another thing on the site ( Wedding Photography). I actually did photoshoot  my first wedding a month ago and that was REALLY amazing experience for me. I was terrified and I had no clue of what I am actually doing! There are two more weddings coming up in two weeks time, which is really challenging and scary in the same time. While I will be in Ireland, doing weddings and enjoying visit of my Mom, my Dear Husband is going to travel to Asia ( with his Mom) !

I would say I do not like the fact that he is going but I can not say it laud, to HIM:) I have been in Dominican Republic in January on my own, while he was with the dog in cold Ireland. So I have no choice like to keep my mouth shout and do what I suppose to do  and let him to enjoy his well deserved holidays in Asia.

I miss travelling and I think about this everyday. But I also do love my simple, everyday life. I love my husband coming back from work, I love our daily walks near the canal, I love what I do for living. It is rewarding and challenging. No, I do not travel and maybe I will not be able to go for a while as we need to buy the house but I can find happiness in small things. Small trips around Ireland can be fun too, especially when you share these moments with the one you love!

Another thing is that there is the time for work, for fun, for travel. I have been to many places in the world and I had lots of fun and now it is the time to slow down for a bit and focus on what is really important: my Relationship, building my photography business, creating family. These are my priorities now even if my Heart is shouting sometimes : ADVENTURE AWAITS, GO! I keep it quiet.

I will build my amazing life without going to Asia or Africa ( for a while). I am still the same person: fun and ambitious. And I still believe I can live the life I want !



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