Results or excuses?

Jim Rohn, the great American entrepreneur and motivational speaker once said: “You are the only one reason why you are not doing well. Take full responsibility for your life”. These words really mean a lot to me.

It is very easy to blame others for our failures. It is easy to blame our family for all bad things happened to us. It is easy to blame the weather to cover our laziness of not working out. It is easy to blame the government for our bad financial situation.  It is so easy to blame everything and everybody.

But the problem is in you. You are responsible for your own life. You wake up every morning with all excuses, complaining about quality of your life and doing nothing to change it. Hoping the things get better is not enough! Do you want to have better job? Great- start sending CVs! Do you want to become fit and loose some weight? -Great-Start working out! Do you want to become successful?- Great- Figure it out what the success means to you and work on that project.

Life is simple! Many people prefer to complain about their life rather than change it. It is hard to wake up every morning and start working out. It is hard to study. It is hard to take a step and concur the fear. Nothing great in life comes easy. You can have it all. You can be successful but you have to forget all  “I CAN’T”, all “IT IS HARD” and start saying YES. You have to start saying YES to your life and LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE!




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