Focus on one thing…or maybe two

One of the greatest advices I have ever heard on the motivational speaches is that in order to be successful you need to focus on one thing at a time in life. Firstly you need to ask yourself what do you really want and then forget about everything else. Focus your mind and energy only on getting where you want to be. That’s simple isn’t it?

Looks like we have got ready recipe for a great and successful life. Why then there are only few people who will become really GREAT? What about the rest of us? We know exactly what to do. We know that we can have a really great life full of adventures, doing the job we love, having amazing family. What is missing and why we cannot be successful as well?

I am a person with many dreams and many plans and you might think this is great. Some people still have no idea what to do in life and what is their passion. They are still looking for. In my case the problem is not lack of passion. The problem is that I have too many of them. And I want to try them all!

I still remember the time when I wanted to become a lawyer but I have a really good interest in human mind so maybe I will help people with their anxieties . I love traveling so maybe a travel agency will be a good idea for me? But I think I like fitness more so maybe I should become a personal trainer?

Too many ideas and to many dreams and too little results.

Just because I have so many plans, it does not mean that I will be successful in the future. My life does not have to be so colourful and I don’t have to keep myself busy all the time doing too many things just to prove to myself and to everyone around me that I’m good. I can be the worst in minor things, all it matters I am the best in my field. Keep working on one project, don’t give up and get the best results.

I finally decided. From all my previous ideas and dreams I peaked three of them which they really matters to me and I know that it would will be a great success for me when I accomplish them.

Keeping this website alive is one of them. The two more I keep it as a secret for now.

I believe with passion, hard work and concentration success will come.

Don’t give up!


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