Dear Life,

Did you really thought that I was going to give up?

Did you really thought  I am so weak that I can’t face any defeats or any obstacles?

Did you really thought that my fears are going to decide about my life?

Did you really thought that the pain I feel now is going to destroy me?

Did you really thought that some random strangers can decide who I am and what is my worth ?

Oh no….Dear Life…Nobody is in charge of my life. Nobody can’t decide but me who I am and how I feel!

Nothing is going to STOP ME. My deepest fears, obstacles, problems- I can handle them all…face them and smash them. I AM STRONG. I am powerful. I CAN DO ANYTHING



This is my life. I know I am not perfect. I know, I have made a lot of mistakes. I know I am not even the person who I wish to be, but I accept who I am.
With all my failures and will all my mistakes, and difficult moments… Because of them I am strong and I will not give up. Not this time!
Dear life I am ready !





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