No spending money challenge. A new Mindset

Well, when it comes to the money and budgeting I am not the best person. To be honest I am terrible- I love spending money on unnecessary things. I love buying clothes which I never wear, I love to book new trips ( and often do not go because of different life circumstances) and I love buying food! Actually the junky food cost me a fortune if I think ( maybe that is why I put on weight 5 kg) .

If I go back to 2017 most of my money went on new camera gears, Gopro, flight tickets, holidays (I went home around 3 times, Tenerife with my niece, Portugal in June, holiday with my love: Italy, Oman, Zanzibar, Germany and Dominican Republic in January 2018- I have been to many places and a I spent tone of money. I wasted as well all the tickets to travel around the world ( and never went there) … Plus wedding expenses but this is another story… Oh, the list is endless.

The things has changed. I came to the point that I realised that in certain age you need to start thinking where you are going next and how is your future going to look like. Especially now, when I am responsible not only for myself  but also for my husband and our future. Going for holidays 5 times a year? Yes, if you have a great income and you can actually afford this. In my case- no more. For travel addict like I am going for a tour once a year it is going to be a difficult challenge!

I have decided to really take a good look on my financial situation. Especially now when we have a big goal in mind: buying the house and to create a family!

I have already implemented the idea of Minimalism already, and I am really enjoy it. I no longer need stuff or buy stuff to make me happy. What I own now is more than enough.  I have 51 items to wear, I got rid of all unnecessary rubbish, I do not waste food anymore. I feel much better.


  • No spending money on clothes, shoes, alcohol, ticket flights
  • Doing Only free activities or tours around Ireland ( I am studying photography so trips are involved to beautiful places around the country)
  • Eat only at home or work, no buying junky food, no drinking in bars as it costs a fortune
  • No Gym membership ( I have gym at work anyway…and I do not use)

Why I am doing this?

  • To realise that life can be beautiful without things, without expensive nights out, new outfits;
  • Learn to live without money and BE HAPPY!
  • Save for the BIG GOALS: new house, new business idea which I am working on right now, FOR THE FUTURE;
  • Practicing discipline. I am in control of my life. I realised that the emotions control my shopping activities and I often purchase the things I do not really need!
  • Do more things, study more and become more.

To be honest I am really happy  that I have started my way of frugal and minimalistic way of life. I feel more peaceful ( and my husband is not complaining for too much money spent so it is a great deal for both of us! ) and I feel I enjoy my life more.

You can enjoy the life without spending money !

How I am doing this:

  • Setting a weekly budget on grocery and necessary spending
  • Making a list for shopping
  • Never use extra cash
  • Thinking twice before the purchase



I will write weekly how it goes. 








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