A new life journey


I was not here for couple of months. I am sorry. I had a good excuse of not to write. I got married! Yes! It has happened. I am happily married now to my fiancé, and I am full of new dreams and plans.

I was not planning a wedding this year!  Till the end of the 2017 I was sure I will be travelling now around the world, visiting all the countries I always dreamt of. Then I got engaged in January this year and I decided to postpone my dream and plan the future with my love. Did I take the right decision? Absolutely yes! Even now, when Google send me all the flights notifications  I do not regret that I decided to stay in Ireland. Life has a plan for each of us. For me was not to be alone on the way but share the life journey with the ONE I love.

Everything happens for a reason. I am married and I am ready to create something much bigger than my 100 days of travel:) I am excited for what is going to happen in my life. But I am so happy  and excited that I will share that Journey of life with Francesco- The man I love.

Eliza Francesco 0527Eliza Francesco 0484Eliza Francesco 0461Eliza Francesco 0431Eliza Francesco 0342Eliza Francesco 0321Eliza Francesco 0265Eliza Francesco 0626


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