10 Ways to Become Rich and Live the life you want !

Is your dream to become rich and financially independent? Do you want to travel to faraway parts of the world, enjoy the life, own luxury cars, beautiful house in Italy and never again to be worried about your future? You can become Rich soon!

With these 10 tips, your bright future is closer than you think.

These are 10 Ways to become Rich and live the life you have always dreamed of.


1. What’s your Passion?

One of my hero, Steve Jobs said: ” in life to succeed, you need to have a lot of passion on what you are doing”. I completely agree with him. If you do not love what you are doing, sooner or later you are going to give up and you are wasting your time. If you follow your passion it is easier for you to wake up early every morning, work extra hours, you are more enthusiastic and you get better results! Passion gives excellence. Excellence will bring you to the top. Find the job you love and money will find you !


2. Invest in yourself

The best investment you could possible do, is investment in yourself. Knowledge is a power. Educate yourself, study, read, attend seminar. Always strive for self improvement to become the person you can be.

3. Have multiple sources of income

Make money while you sleep. Multiple your sources. Did you know that rich people has even seven different sources of income? Do not dependent on your 9-5 job and  do not be afraid to be laid off one day. Secure yourself and your family. Think what could it be? Investing money on stock? Online business? Consulting? Find your ways to make money. This is how you are building your financial freedom. Hard work will pay off.

4. Become self employed 

You are not going to become rich working for somebody else. Become your own boss. Take the risk and begin your own business. It is going to be hard and you will make a lot  of mistakes at the beginning. This is all worth the risk. Imagine the feeling and satisfaction of becoming your own boss. You are no longer making somebody’s dream reality. You make your own dream reality!

5. Apply 50-30-20 rule

Warren Buffett famous quote on saving is one of my life’s motto: “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”. I also follow the 50-30-20 rule which means, 50% of my income goes to cover my needs, including house spending, medical expenses, groceries. 30% of my income I invest regularly and the remaining 20 % I spend on all my wants ( mostly on traveling to exotic places in world). Spend your money wisely. Mark Cuban suggests at least 6 months income saved in your bank account in a case when you have no job or for any other circumstances you do not get any money. Think about the future. The sooner you will recognise how important is saving money regularly, the sooner you will become rich.

6. Be grateful for what you have 

Each day wake up with a smile on your face and thank the Universe for all great things are happening to you. Be grateful for what you have and ask for more. Have positive mind. Imagine all great things coming to you and trust me- they will. Your thoughts are powerful. Whatever is in your mind, will come into your life. Choose wisely if you want to become rich and financially independent person.


7. Be patient 

Great things take time. Give yourself time to become Rich. You will get there eventually if you will put hours of work, belief  and patience. Do not give up when things go not the way you expected. It might take some months, or years until you will become rich. If you have a passion, if you are committed and have a strong belief in yourself- the success is guaranteed.

8. Dream Big

Do not be afraid to dream big. Have a head full of dreams and big ideas. Try them. If one idea does not work, try another one. Do not listen naysayers who tell you that, what you dream of, is not possible to achieve. Work hard and prove that your dream is real.

If you have an idea, but you do not know where to start- educate yourself. Ask for help and do not be afraid to try.

9. Be Unique 

Whatever you do in life, strive for excellence. Your uniqueness is something which makes you to stand out from the crowd. Your uniqueness will bring customers to you and make you Rich. Be Unique, be special. Be different. Do not follow the crowd.


10. Believe in yourself 

If you are not confident, if you do not believe in yourself,soon you are going to fail. You have to believe in yourself, even if you are the only one person in the room who knows your dream make sense. Do not be afraid to dream big.


All the people of success, who started with nothing, they are real examples that impossible does not exist. You can be on the top, you can become rich and powerful person, only if you can change your mindset. Start believing in yourself, know that you are unique and you can make your dream reality. Ask yourself: what price am I going to pay? Am I ready to work hard and spend hours on working on my dream? Am I ready to do whatever it takes to become financially free? Know exactly what you want and where you are going and the success will follow.



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