Dreams come true- I am getting married!

Hallo my beautiful Friends,
I am a big believer that I create my own life. The reality I live in is the reflection of my thoughts and dreams. That is why I am always trying to be positive, no matter of the situations I found myself in. When the things go wrong, or not the way I expected them to be, I take a deep breath in, slow down, and try to find the best way out. There is always the way, and life can be beautiful if we only want it to be.

When we focus our energy on positive things, dream big and work, the life can be so much more than just a simple existing.

This year is very special for me. At the beginning of the year I went on my holiday to magical Dominican Republic. It was my big dream and I am very happy I had opportunity to be there.

I came back home after vacation just to find my love on his knees asking me to marry him… to be the one for the rest of our life!

Yes, it was in my head from couple of months, I dreamt about this day often, but I did not expected.. in my deepest dreams, that this is going to happen right now !!

It is January 2018 and I am going to marry soon the man of my life. How beautiful is this !!

Zanzibar 2017 with my Love

Always believe in your dreams. Always have hopes that your life can be better.
Be positive no matter what.
Believe that you deserve more and the Universe will bring it to you soon.
Thanks the Universe for each day and for all you have, and ask for more.

I wish you All the best in New Year


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