How to make 2018 fabulous

Hallo new fabulous 2018! Most of us, including myself, come into new year with huge expectations, enthusiasm, hopes and dreams. We are excited that the upcoming year is going to be amazing, better than the one before, more exciting, more fun and healthier. We are going to bring massive changes to our lives.

This year for sure we will loose weight, we will save enough money to feel secure in the end of the year, some of us will stop eating sweets and other rubbish or will find a new job~this year for sure. Uf…So many resolutions and promises …Then 1 st January arrives and surrounding us reality seems to be the same. Nothing changed. It is still hard to get off the couch and hit the gym, we are still getting Chinese take away instead of cooking healthy meal at home, we still smoke, we still buy unnecessary stuff. What happened with all our dreams and hopes? Why is it so hard to give up on old destructive habits and start a new life ?

If you having difficulties to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions don’t get upset and don’t wait any longer. It is not too late. Start fresh again but this time know how to do it right and smart. Here are some advices which help me to get better and improve each year.

What do you really want ?

If you want to have fabulous year and life, firstly you should ask yourself a question: “what do I really want?” Not what your parents or partner what you to do or become. What do you really want? Decision of quitting smoking or eating sweets must come from deep down of your heart. You must be ready for change. Don’t make resolutions for fake sake, because your friends told you to do that. Think about what is bothering you the most, what is making you unhappy and miserable and what kind of lifestyle would you like to lead. Are you ready for a new fantastic life adventure? You need to be 💯 % sure you want this change. Do you?

Create new lifestyle

2018 is about creating life you always dreamt of. When I am writing this blog post I am siting in the cafeteria sipping fresh pineapple juice in the beautiful beach in Punta Cana, in Dominican Republic. It is 3rd January and I am on my own around 7000km or if you prefer 10 hours fly away from Europe. I am here because I have decided that I am in charge of my life and I refuse to follow what people tell me to do. I created my own lifestyle: I travel, discover the world, run and I become the best version of myself.

Instead of being on a diet, I created lifestyle where I enjoy healthy, fresh food without eating rubbish or smoke. I run not because I am 5 kg over my perfect body shape but because I want to challenge myself during my 1st marathon.

If you will forget all the musts and you will start doing what you really enjoy and love you will create new habits and your life will be amazing. Do what you love !

Nothing works without discipline

he famous sentence says: “The comfort zone is a safe place but nothing really happens there”. Each day of your life will be the same if you will not start doing things out of your comfort zone. Don’t be the person who is wasting life and potential by siting at home and waiting for miracle. It will not come! You will become miserable person. Think of the amazing life which is just outside your house. Open the door for new adventure. Do you think I am not feeling worried being on my own miles away from home where I feel safe and comfy? I ask myself a question what the hack I am doing here instead of living normal life like my friends and family. But my passion for traveling is bigger than fear of solo traveling. I am pushing my limits. I want my life to be bigger than waking up every morning, going to work, eat and sleep. I deserve for more, so you do! Find discipline and courage within yourself to go for a run, go meet new people, go dance, make new cv, start day with delicious breakfast. By implementing small changes, by doing small steps each day we are about to make ours life an amazing adventure. Do it, even if you don’t feel like. Hard work one day will pay off.

Get off the couch and start living

It is your time. With new attitude, positive belief and by doing small steps in the right direction this new 2018 will be the best year of your life! Don’t expect all will happen in a day and do not try to put on your shoulders too much. Enjoy the process. Remember in 2018: Less worries, more love. Less negative self talk, more self love and confidence. Yes Girl, own it.

This is your year !

I am sending warm greetings from stunning Punta Cana


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