How to increase quality of life

There are some days in life when we feel lost and do not know where to go next.

Days pass quickly and each of them seems to be the same: we get up, go to work, go home and go sleep. We don’t feel sparkles anymore and nothing is happening. “What’s next”? – you are asking. “Do I really want to live like this ? Can I change it ? And how ? ”

Unfortunately life sometimes sucks, and we all have to face it. It is not beautiful like in the American movies with the same happy ends. Life brings different kind of moments, sometimes painful, but the way you respond to these negative experiences will determinate the quality of your life.

No matter where you are now and what problems are you dealing with, remember that the life can beautiful.


Here are 10 hacks how to make your life a fascinating adventure


1. Face the truth

Let’s first take a look at your life. Sit down in a quiet room, or go for a walk where you can be on your own and for a moment be honest with yourself. Look at your life. How is it now ? What makes you happy? What you don’t like? Is it the job you hate ? Your partner is driving you crazy? Your kids are doing too big mess ? Maybe you don’t like your body shape ? What is the real source of your unhappiness?

2. Perfect life plan

Since you know where is the problem imagine that you have a magic wand and you can create the life you really want. How nice is it !? You can do whatever you want, you can become the person you want to be. Where would you go on vacation? How exactly looks your new house? Believe that you can change your life if you only want it!

3. Be nice to yourself

You are the only one person you spend 24 hours with. Be your own friend. Talk to yourself nicely, remain calm. It is time to stop beating yourself for past mistakes. This is the past. Learn from it and move on. Try again.

4. Challenge yourself

Bring back power to your life. Do what is not easy.

I love doing scary things. That is why I run marathons, I am going towards my fear of height by doing crazy stuff like parasailing, skydiving. I usually travel alone because it is a new challenge for me, and I can stretch myself in a country where people speak language I have no clue about. I climb small mountains near the house. I go for a walk before sunrise. If everyday you will try to do something different and challenging the quality of your life will increase.

5. Follow your passion

Don’t listen people around you who tell you who you should become or what you should do. Yes, take advice, say thank you and…follow your hearth.

Since I remember my parents and friends criticised me for travelling addiction. I am “irresponsible “one and I am “moving too much”. When I came into fitness industry the same friends told me my arms are too small to be a trainer and I should put some extra weight. When I run long distance races they told me I am going to break my knees. The truth is, you will never satisfy people around you and you do not have to, but you have to make yourself happy!

If you want to have beautiful and fascinating life, do the beautifully things first . Sing that song, climb that mountain , run this race, buy that dress, go for this trip- do the things you love.


6. Develop healthy lifestyle

I know, it is hard to get off from the coach and go for run or walk. It takes discipline to develop healthy habits, but trust me once it is done, you gonna love it and your life will get new colours.

You can find many fitness classes in your local gym, where you can exercise, have fun, meet new people and …burn fat in the same time!

Healthy food does not have to taste awful either. Celebrate every meal. Drink plenty of water. Sleep longer hours.

The better you eat, the more energetic you feel and the more power you have to do other things.


7. You are priority

Take time for yourself. Even when you are busy Mom- Find that time. Ask your husband to take care of kids this afternoon. Spend priority time with friends or visit a Spa. You deserve it. Why not to spoil yourself from time to time?

8. Save money

If the money are worry you the most have a closer look to expenses you have over the month. Where are the money are going? Start from small and save each week for couple of euros. Give up on bad habits like smoking, drinking too much, excessive shopping, Costa coffee on the way to work- you will save tone of money.

9. Travel often

I wouldn’t be myself If I don’t point this- without travelling my life wouldn’t have sense.

I have been to many countries in my life, mostly on my own, and I loved every part of it.

When you are in the country where people don’t speak your language, where you are in the middle of jungle or in the small foreign village without wifi and you don’t know which direction you should go, you challenge yourself, you learn more, you are developing, you experiencing the real life. You are living the life.


10. Be grateful for what you have

There are always people who have less than you, remember that. Take a look at your life and be grateful for the house you have, beautiful noisy kids, the job maybe not the one you like, but the one which pays your bills and whims. Be grateful for the love you get from family and health.

The New 2018 is coming and it is the best chance to start over again. Make your life fascinating. You can do it.

Thank you for reading my post and please like it and share with others.


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