10 Amazing things to do in Zanzibar

White, powdery sand, turquoise ocean, wildly growing palms… If you ever wondered how the paradise looks like, in Zanzibar you will resolve all your doubts. The island is a dream destination, for lazy, beach holiday, walks at sunset, full relax and peace.
To make sure you are not missing the best experience given by the Archipelago read my top 10 things to do in Zanzibar.

1. Nungwi Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world and my number 1 in Zanzibar. Here, you will find views straight from the postcards or travel agency directory. Nungwi is perfect. Stunning sunrises, fresh squeezed juices from tropical fruits and delicious food. When you get bored of watching the landscape (although every time I woke up I was impressed by the view) there are plenty of restaurants out there and shops, or you can do water sports activities (like snorkelling, Safari Blue, parasailing). In the evening in one of the bars you can dance, drink until morning hours. You cannot be bored in Nungwi!


2. Pole Pole

In Swahili means “Slowly, slowly”. Once you get to Zanzibar get ready to slow down. One hour waiting for the meal is a norm. But anyways, why would you rush? Have a sip of wine, admire the views and enjoy these beautiful days.


3. Sunset walks / Cruise

Days are short in Zanzibar. The sun goes down usually at 6.20 pm in November. You can walk along the beach to catch the best shoots of sunset or take a boat tour. The views are unforgettable. The lowest price I could find for a cruise was USD15, for a 2 hours tour. It is worth it.



4. Stone Town

This main city of Zanzibar is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. The town has its own soul brings a lot of adventurers, architecture lovers and funs of Freddie Mercury. Stone Town is a base for tours to the Prison Island.

5. Prison Island

It is also known as the Changuu Island. You will get there by 30 min boat drive from Stone Town. The price depends on your bargaining skills, but it should not cost you more than USD30, for 2-3 hours tour.
The main attraction of the island are Giant tortoises, with the oldest one almost 200 years! You cannot skip this experience, once you are in Zanzibar. The entrance fee for the island is USD4.


6. Darajani Market

Allow yourself to get lost in narrow alleys of the bazaar where car traffic is prohibited. In this main bazaar in Stone Town you can buy all your souvenirs, spices, African clothes and delicious seafood or fruits.

7. Jozani Forest Reserve

If you are nature lover it is a great chance for you to get close to Red Columbus monkeys. They are literally at hand. The Forest is beautiful and easy to walk. There are plenty of agencies organising the tour to Jozani Forest Reserve, usually combined with Spice Tours. Do not miss it.



8. Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond

If swimming with turtles is on your bucket list, the Mnarani Marine is the right place. It is Based in Nungwi village is a short walking distance from hotels like Double Three by Hilton or Smiles Beach Hotel. It is fascinating experience, why not to give it a go!


9. Zanzibar food

I loved the evenings with my partner when we went for dinner to the restaurants situated on the beach. The only light was a small candle placed on the table. Lovely, peaceful atmosphere, ocean sound and smell of fresh grilled fishes. Pick the fish you like, and chef will make for you, the way you like. The King fish is one of my favourite, also I can recommend you Octopus Curry (mchuzi wa pweza) or Lobster. If you still hungry for dessert, try fresh mango cocktail or coconut ice cream.

10. Shopping

Keep extra space in your luggage for all souvenirs you will bring from Zanzibar. It is worth to get spices like: cardamom, saffron, pepper and for coffee lovers: vanilla or mango coffee! I love African paintings, clothes, scarves and jewellery.




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