7 Golden Rules of Success by Brian Tracy

Do you want to become successful and improve quality of your life? Just follow these 7 golden rules to success! They work!

Your life gets better, only when you get better 

How many hours daily do you spend on learning a new skill? How often do you attend seminars, how many books have you red in a last month ? The golden rule is to always seek for personal improvement. There are 160 hours in a week, how may hours do you spend on Personal Development? If you want to have a better life, focus on learning. If you don’t learn a new skill, you stay at the same level, and your pay check will never be higher.

If you want to be paid more, learn more. Read at least one hour a day in your field, and you will become successful. The best investment is you!

It doesn’t matter where you come from. All that matters is where are you going.

Forget the past and move on. Life goes on, and your past does not determinate your future. You can have a better life, despite on what happened to you. Learn from mistakes and move forward.

It is better to do wrong as a beginner, than do not do at all.

Every successful person was once a beginner. Why do you then expect to be great if you do the things for the first time? Take your time. Learn. Practice. Improve.

Often people give up, because they think if they can not do the things perfectly, it is better to do not do at all. It is not true. Practice makes perfect. And the more you do, the better you will become. Whatever goal you have in your mind, just start working on that.

Soon, you will see the results. Soon you will succeed.


October 2017, on the way from Berlin to Szczecin to attend seminar with my mentor, Brian Tracy


Your only limit is you

There are no limits and you can achieve anything you want. You have to believe that you have unlimited potential. Think about your biggest goals in life and imagine that there are no fears, no self doubts and you can make it!

You can learn anything what you have to learn to become successful

You can learn anything if you will put practice and time on that. Do not give up just because the things do not work the way you like, or it seems to be difficult. Do things poorly at the beginning and become a master in your field with the time. Set clear goal and by doing daily small steps, you will win eventually.

Move out of your comfort zone

The most beautiful things are happening outside of your comfort zone. Your brain protect you and does not want you to get off the couch and start running, go back to education and study, or start a new business.

Remember, in order to have a batter life and enjoying it, you have to start moving. Do the scary things, sign up for 5km race, read at least 20 pages of book a day, turn of TV, meditate, go for a trip. Nothing good happens within your comfort zone.

The key to success is Action 

Once you set a gaol, you need to take action. Goal without action is a fantasy. You want to create the things. Every day, write a plan for the day and do things you have to accomplish. Take action and do it immediately, even if you do not feel like. Successful people often do the things, even if they do not want to. Muhammad Ali once said: “I hated every minute of training, but I said, *Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion*”. Discipline is they key.



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