100 dreams around the world

Don’t dream your life. Live your dream

What is your dream? Is there anything special that you hold in your mind and hearth for many years; something that you want so badly but maybe for some reason you have never acted on it? Maybe you are scared, maybe circumstances are not the right one, maybe you do not have resources, or courage.

Please, if there is anything you dream of, something which makes you smile, do not give up on it. Hold it, cherish and start moving towards things you want. Do not be scared. Do not look at anybody and do not listen your fake friends, who tell you this is not for you.

Just go in direction of your dreams. This dream was given to you; you were chosen. Do not let this dream die! Act on it.

Today, I would like to write you about my dreams and my story, and I can tell you right now: most of my friends and family do not understand my ideas. Many times I ask myself if what I do make sense, as often I am influenced by opinion of others. Finally, after all these years, I understand: the dream of big travel, the dream of living my own way: THIS IS ME, this is who I am. That was given to me and only I can understand this. Now, when I am 30, I know that I do not need to explain to anyone why I do, what I do. You have to do the same. Do not wait for permission, just GO.

Follow your passion and dreams. 


People- are the reason why I travel. (Here: I am in Sri Lanka ,2011. I met amazing, hard working women working on the tea plantation ).


100 days around the world.

I’ve been always dreaming about big travel around the world, on my own, with a big backpack, where I can see and experience the real world and face all challenges that solo travel can bring. I finally said YES to my dreams. I can not wait any longer. The time is now! 12th of May 2018 I start my 100 days around the world where I will visit all amazing countries from my bucket list. Am I scared? Yes, I am! I am afraid that I will leave the person I love for 3 months, I will quit my job, I will spend my savings or when I come back nothing will wait for me anymore, but THIS IS MY DREAM! I don’t want to wake up one day and cry because I have not acted on my ideas.  I already know, that this travel will be special and different and I will meet a lot of amazing, inspiring people! I already see them in my mind (I am a big believer of the law of attraction).

100 days around the world is only one of my big dreams. This is just a beginning of what I am going to do! But trust me: everyday I need to convince myself over and over again that I have to do it and it is a must. I do not need to listen all naysayers around me, who tell me: “Forget about travel, it is time to make baby!”.

So you do! Remember your dreams! Your time is now!


3 thoughts on “100 dreams around the world

  1. Hopefully You will visit Finland.

    We have three winter cool experiences:

    Reindeer race.

    It is my favorite.

    World’s Biggest Snow Castle.

    You can spend a night inside it, drink in the ice bar or get married.

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    Must visit when in Finland. In summer, You could when in Helsinki participate in:

    Samba in Helsinki.

    This is just one example what You can experience in Finland. Ask more, if interested.

    Happy and safe travels!


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