Happiness is a choice

You are the creator of your own happiness

Regardless to who you are, where do you live or what do  you do for living, remember: you can always create your own happiness. You can be happy, have peaceful, beautiful life and be surrounded by people who love you and inspire you. Just look around you. There are so many reasons to be happy! Decide that from now on you are going to be happy person, despite the fact that for some reasons your financial situation is not the one you want, or maybe your relationship fell apart, or maybe you feel blue, or you have any other reasons that they hold you back. Today is the day when you choose to be happy.

Do the things you love and do it often

Happiness comes when you do the things you love. Ask yourself a question: what could make me happy? Is it a run? Travel to Greece? Going out with your love? Getting a dog? Whatever is in your head, do it! You will feel amazing, happy, energised and new perspectives will come into your life.

Set Goals

Dream! I am a big fun of setting big goals (You can read about this here), like a daily, small ones. My days are planned in advance. I set a goal and I go for it. So you do, if you want to be a happy person. Reaching a goal gives you incredible feeling of happiness and satisfaction. So, what is your goal for the next week ?

Be grateful for what you have

Happy people are grateful for what they have. Thank to Universe for every day single day you are alive. You do not even have idea how lucky you are. Just look around you. There are so many reasons to be grateful.


Don’t compare to others

Every person is different and every person has a story. Do not compare your life to others. You are an individual and the fact where you are now is your choice. Your past decisions brought you to that place. Remember that you can change it. People are beautiful and you can learn from them a lot and get so much inspiration. Learn and implement into your life. Avoid negative emotion of being eaten up with jealously.


Think about one thing you wanted to do, but for some reasons you never acted on that idea. Start small! What is that? Is it a run? You have been saying to yourself that from next Monday you will start a diet and finally make a time to go to the gym. Ok, the Time is NOW. Act on one idea at a time. Just do it! You will feel amazing.

My homework for upcoming days: Record 2nd video for my YouTube channel:

My Travel & Motivational Channel


Good luck !



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