” If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small”

Our life time here is limited. We do not know how much time we have left. What we are going to do with our life is only up to us; we can make it work or we can lose the most valuable time we have got and never truly live.

How is your life right now? Are you satisfied ? Are you happy? Do you have any dreams or goals you would like to achieve? Is there anything you dream of, and you will be truly happy only if you will make it work?

I love my life  right now. I am a very lucky person. I found love of my life, I found my path and I am not scared to take actions. I know exactly what I want to do. Finding the direction of life is not easy thing to do.


Today I post some of my goals.

Many of people around me they will probably laugh, they will tell me:”No, you can not do it”. Do I care what they say? No, becouse this is my life, my goals, my actions, my mistakes. I prefer to try and maybe fail, rather than never act on my dreams. What if I will fly?


  • Become a Psychotherapist
  • Become a well known Life Coach
  • Graduate of Master Training Programme in Irish institute of NLP
  • Write a book
  • Gain master degree
  • Have my own YouTube Channel
  • Have 5 different sources of income
  • Speak Spanish
  • Speak Italian
  • Speak German
  • Read 100 books
  • Read 500 books
  • Act on my business ideas
  • Continue to learn something each year
  • Develop coaching programme
  • Take a photography course
  • Earn 5000€/ month
  • Earn 100,000 / year


  • Go on vacation to Zanzibar with my love
  • Visit Oman
  • Visit La Scala, Milan
  • Go to China and Japan
  • Travel 100 days around the world
  • Do 30 days of Meditation retreat
  • Go to Fiji
  • Visit Greece with my Future Husband
  • See the Great Canyon
  • See the Taj Mahal
  • Visit Papua New Guinea
  • Go on African Safari


  • Get married with love of my life
  • Learn Tango in Buenos Aires
  • Hug Koala
  • Great Barrier Reef- Helicopter Tour
  • Horseriding on the beach
  • Get a dog from a rescue
  • Learn surfing
  • See an active volcano
  • Attend Cannes Film Festival
  • Meet famous, inspirational people
  • Stay at night in an underwater hotel
  • Hot air balloon
  • Walk on the Great Wall of China
  • Experince Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  • Ride Gondola through the canals of Venice
  • Visit Galapagos
  • Ride on zipline
  • Swim with delphin
  • Buy a house with see view
  • Kitesurfing in Tanzania
  • Go to see an opera in Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

Fitness goals:

  • Run 10 miles marathon – done
  • Get Abs
  • Do Spartan Race
  • Run a Marathon- in a nice country 🙂
  • Get 12% body fat
  • Do Though Mudder
  • Complete Transformation Body Programme
  • Dublin Marathon
  • The Great Wall Marathon
  • Two Ocean Ultramarathon, South Africa








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